About Me

I was born from a family of mixed religion. My grand parents were Iglesia ni Cristo and my parents were Aglipay. I met Jesus when I was in second year High school. A friend named Jairo, shared to me the words. I just laugh at him and never thought of joining his congregation. One day, I felt a great emptiness in my heart. I did not understand how I feel but it was consuming me. I went to visit my friend's house and on my way to their place, I passed by a small congregation. I heard people singing and it seemed joyous inside. I was intrigued and then decided to stop and check. When I entered the congregation, there was an unknown force that instantly covered me. The emptiness in my heart was gone and it was replaced with overflowing joy. I constantly visited the church and decided to be baptized. My grand parents were amazed on my rapid change that they too came to visit and were saved. My whole family was now in unity serving the one and only God in our life.

Times has passed, I walked the path that God forbid, I used my talent for the world. Now, I have realized how foolish I was to forget, when God's promises to me never fail. Today, I have decided to dedicate a portion of my time writing for God's glory. It won't compensate my failures but it is my way of serving Him and giving him back the talent that He endowed upon me. 

Praise His name in the most high! 

                                                                                                                  -jayson patalinghug